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History of Community
The Creamery on top of the hill was built in 1907. A few short years later, the Soo Line Railrod built the dam, the water tower, the windmill and the dpot. I.D. Kretzer was the first depot agent. The Soo Line surveryed and mapped out Main Street and other streets.

Waiting for the Train
Town was moved up to MainStreet. Buildings which were moved were Henry Lewis' Hotel, George Granley's Meat Market, First State Bank, Ed Halseth's Blacksmith Shop, and Andrew Walle's Hardware Store. Jack Johnson sold his store to Carl Espesth on Main. Jack built and managed the Box and Sash Factory where wooden potato and egg crates and lathes were made and sold.

Main Street
land sites for Shanty Town and Clearbrook were bought from Peter Peterson, one of the first homesteaders in 1896. Peter Peterson built the first store on Main Street known as Randahl Nelson Grocery Store. This store was sold and became the Theater and later the Pool Hall.

Many names
Main Street 2
were offered after the Soo Line Railroad was laid and the Village Built in 1910. Names suggested were. Ruffy Brook, Silver creek, Leoville and Clearbrook. The name "Clearbrook", given by Edward Rydeen, was selected because of the clear water which ran in the brook and through our town.

One of the "Soo" officials passed over the
line thru Clearbrook looking for a favorable location for a water tank site. He Found Clearbrook an ideal location  with an abundant water supply. He made a report in favor of Clearbrook for this water tank.

Excerpts from "Curtain Going Up"
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