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Water & Sewer
If you have had issues with your water freezing, let it run.

Phosphorus Reduction Tips
For all Clearbrook Utility Users:
Here are some tips to keep costs low and pollution to a minimum.
  • Purchase environmentally safe low or non-phosphorus dish washing liquids and soaps.
  • Purchase laundry detergent in Minnesota or other states that sell low or non-phosphorus detergents.
  • Use proper concentrations of cleaners and detergents, as directed by manufacturer.
Prevent phosphorus from entering storm sewers:
  • Wash the car on the lawn to prevent phosphorus laden rinse water from running into the storm sewers.
  • Collect leaves and grass clippings from street drains and gutters.
  • Use Phosphorus-free lawn fertilizers.
  • Use mulching mowers to reduce the need for fertilizers by leaving clippings on the lawn.
  • Restore natural shoreline or stream bank habitat to prevent phosphorus laden runoff form entering surface water.

Hydrants will be flushed on Wednesdays.
Please avoid doing laundry on these days.
 Please do not flush rags, paper towels, baby wipes and any other non biodegradable items down the toilet. These items will plug the main sewer lines.
Current Developments

The City of Clearbrook is currently working on the Stage 1 application with USDA for a sewer project that will remove approximately 3 miles of clay sewer tile. Requests for Qualifications was published in order to find engineer that can prepare a Preliminary Engineering Report for the project. Applications are due to city office by 4:00 pm on April 30th.

Notice of Intent to File Application

The City of Clearbrook has filed an application for financial assistance with USDA Rural Development. The specific purpose of this application is to remove and replace approximately 3 miles of clay sewer tile and update present lift stations.

If you would like to request a copy of this application please direct your requests to UDSA Rural Development, 3217 Bemidji Ave N, Bemidji, Mn 56601.
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