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Natural Gas Department



The City of Clearbrook operates a system of underground natural gas pipelines to provide safe and economical energy to the residents and businesses of our community.
Pipelines are one of the safest transportation methods available, but in the unlikely event a natural gas lead occurs it can cause a fire or explosion. We want to help you stay safe around gas facilities. On this site we have provided information on reacting to and reporting suspected gas leaks and on excavation safety. If you have further questions please contact us using the information posted on the left side of the page.
 CALL BEFORE YOU DIG!                       

If you are planning any new projects be it home, tree planting, fencing, installing mail boxes, etc. Minnesota law requires a 48 hour notice (excluding weekends and holidays) to Gopher State One Call for excavation of any type. Gopher State One Call is a service that informs utilities (gas, phone, electric, etc.) that some type of excavation will be taking place. This service is free of charge to residents.

 Call 1-800-252-1166 or the new 811 number for this service also for more information visit the Gopher State website at www.gopherstateonecall.org or call the City of Clearbrook at 776-3213.

 The City of Clearbrook is using 911 for natural gas emergencies; this includes suspected natural gas leaks (indoor and outdoor) or for a suspected carbon monoxide problem. The 911 system will not and should not be used for appliance problems.

Reminder: ALL residential and commercial buildings MUST have their 911 numbers posted in a visible location. This is important to our police department for safety issues. Your 911 address is the physical address of a  residential or business property.

Suspected Gas Leaks
Indications of a possible gas leak include:
  • Unusual odor inside or near the pipeline outdoors
  • Hissing noise, bubbles in puddles, or dirt being blown into the air  
  • Dead or discolored vegetation near an underground pipeline
  • Fire or explosion involving pipeline facilities
If you suspect a leak:
  • EVACUATE the area immediately- travel upwind to escape any potentially dangerous accumulation of gas and do not reenter the area until told it is safe to do so
  • CALL the gas supplier from a safe location NOT the building where you smell gas
  • DO NOT light a match, operate light switches, appliances, engines, or any other potential sources of ignition
  • KEEP other people out of the area until help arrives
 Gas Safety is as Easy as 1-2-3                                     

As your local natural gas utility, we make every effort to maintain safety. However, natural gas safety is a shared responsibility -- for supplies such as ourselves, and for you as a customer

We are making available this important information, in accordance with Federal regulations, to remind you of your responsibilities as a natural gas consumer.

Proper Maintenance: We, your gas utility, Take responsibility for maintaining the piping from our gas main to the outlet of your gas meter. You are responsible for maintaining all other gas piping on you property, whether above or below ground.

Regular Inspections: You must inspect your natural gas pipes periodically for leaks and corrosion. Proper location of gas lines before any digging occurs near a pipe is also important. Unsafe conditions should be reported and repaired immediately. We suggest you contact a heating or plumbing contractor to locate, inspect or repair gas piping that is your responsibility.

Good Management: Proper maintenance of your underground gas piping will ensure continuous service. If a dangerous condition is found your, natural gas may be disconnected without notice, for as long as the danger remains.

PLEASE NOTE: Snow removed from driveways, walks, streets and parking lots should not be placed near a meter set, service regulator or other facility.

Residents and building owners should exercise caution when removing ice and snow so equipment or falling ice does not strike or damage gas meters.

Remember, suspected gas leaks are potentially dangerous and must be reported and investigated immediately. We need your help to continue to operate a safe distribution system.



Excavation Safety

Dig-in (excavation) damage is a leading cause of gas system damage. to minimize this hazard, the most important thing you and do is Call Before You Dig.

Gopher State One Call is a free statewide service that allows utilities to locate any buried facilities they own before you start digging. Just call 2 business days before digging and provide the requested information to the operator.


Snow, Ice and Gas Meters
As we enter the winter season and the snow begins to fall, Clearbrook Natural Gas encourages customers to inspect their natural gas meters on a regular basis to make sure snow and ice have not built up on the meter.
Why is it important to keep your meter clear of snow and ice buildup?
Accumulated snow places stress on your meter piping and could jar the meter. Excessive snow cover may result in abnormal pressure, affect appliance operation and interrupt your service.
If there is an emergency; emergency response crews will need clear access to your meter. Meters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, but remember to protect them from ice and snow buildup during the harsh winter months.
Snow and ice can damage gas meters and pipes.
When removing heavy accumulations of snow or ice, do not strike meters with snow blowers, blades or shovels.
Do not kick your meter to break or clear ice.
Remove icicles from overhead eaves and gutters to ensure dripping water does not splash and freeze on the meter or vent pipes.
Meter Reading and Safety Requires Clear Access to Meter at All Times Ice and snow also may block the electronic reading of your meter. Our desire is to accurately bill your natural gas usage.
Please keep the area in front of and around your gas meter clear at all times.
Do not build decks or plant trees or bushes that surround your gas meter.



Please move vehicle(s) off the street to allow the Maintenance Department to clear the streets as quickly as possible.  If vehicles(s) are not moved in a timely manner, the vehicle(s) will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Snow Removal from Sidewalks:The City of Clearbrook would like to remind its citizens of Ordinance #106 Defining and Prohibiting Nuisances under Subsection 3.1 all snow and ice not removed from public sidewalks twenty-four hours after the snow or other precipitation causing the condition has ceased to fall is considered a nuisance. If everyone does their part we can keep this a safe and welcoming community for our friends, family, businesses and guests.

Remember to keep all right of ways clear of trees and shrubs, these items can do serious damage to city equipment which in turn can make for costly repairs.

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