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Utility Billing

The billing cycle runs 30 days and is normally sent out with in the first few days of the month. The payments are considered past due if received after the 20th.

Ordinance 108

 The City of Clearbrook, Clearwater County, Minnesota


To the extent the provisions of this ordinance conflict with the provisions of any ordinance previously adopted by the city, the provisions of this ordinance supersede those provisions of the prior ordinance.

ACCOUNTS IN THE NAME OF OWNER. All accounts shall be carried in the name of the owner of the property being served. the owner shall be liable to utility supplied to the owner's property, whether owner is occupying the property or not, and for any unpaid charges, a lien shall be applied to the property.

BILLS FOR SERVICE. Water and sewer charges shall be billed together; natural gas will have a separate bill. Bills shall be mailed out near the end of the moth for which service was provided and shall specify the charges in accordance with the current rates of the City of Clearbrook.

LATE PAYMENT PENALTY. If any utility usage or service charge is not paid on or before the 20th day of the following month, the City Clerk shall attach a penalty as set by the City Council (Monthly charge of $5.00 per bill). 5% penalty could also be applied.

SHUT-OFF FOR NON-PAYMENT. If a utility payment is past due thirty (30) days a notice of disconnection and an opportunity for a hearing shall be personally served and shall state that if payment is not made before a date stated inthe notice but not less than five (5) days after the date on which the notice is given, the utility to the premises will be shut-off. The notice shall also state that the occupant may, before such date demand a hearing on the matter, in which case the supply will not be cut off until after the hearing is held. If the customer requests a hearing before the date specified, a hearing shall be held on the matter by a panel of three (3) impartial residents of the City appointed by the City Council. If as a result of the hearing, the said panel finds that the Utility of the delinquent customer may not be shut-off in accordance with this ordinance, the City may shut-off the supply.

The City reserves the right to discontinue service to any customer without notice when necessary for repairs, additional connections, reconnections, or when, in the judgment if the Public Works Department, such action is necessary to protect the life, health, and safety of its customers.

SERVICE REINSTATED OR RECONNECTION. In the event a utility service is turned off, the service shall not be reinstated by the City until:

A) The unpaid bill plus penalty, any applicable interest, and a reconnect charge are tendered in advance.

B) All pertinent and service information is complete and accurate on service application.

The City will charge fifty ($50) dollars for reconnection.

COLLECTION WITH TAXES. Delinquent accounts shall be certified by the City Clerk who shall prepare an Assessment roll each year providing for assessment for the delinquent amount against the respective property served. This assessment roll shall be delivered to the City Council for Adoption on or before October 1st of each year. All persons who have delinquent accounts being proposed for assessment charges shall be notified and given a chance to appear before the Council at that meeting. In the event the delinquency involves rental property, notice shall be given to the record owner of the property in addition to the tenant or other parties in possession and given a chance to appear before the Council at that meeting. Upon adoption, the Clerk shall certify the assessment roll to the County Auditor for collection along with taxes. Such action may be optional or subsequent to taking legal action to collect delinquent accounts and interest under other available remedy.

This ordinance shall become effective upon publication according to law.

Passed, approved and adopted by the City Council of the City of Clearbrook, Minnesota, on the 11th day of December, 2003.

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